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Selling Your Home?

Thinking about putting your home up for sale…… You have come to the right place. Z Texas Real Estate has a Team of professional agents who know how to assist you with:

  • Pricing your Home/ CMA – Comparative Market Analysis
  • Preparing your Home for Sale
  • Professional Pictures
  • Negotiations
  • Neighborhood/Subdivision
  • HOA – Homeowner’s Association
  • Amenities
  • Schools
  • Shopping near by
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Preparing Your Home

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  • Prune bushes and trees and remove dead bushes, trees and plants
  • Manicure all landscaping – mow, edge, weed, fertilize and be sure to water regularly
  • Add small amounts of colorful flowers or plants for curb appeal
  • Check fence for missing slats and broken gate latches. Replace and repair as needed.
  • Sweep and clean front porch and all patio areas. (remove all clutter)
  • Clean swimming pool and hot tub and remove covers
  • Remove cars from driveway and close garage door & clean driveway
  • Move all garbage cans, building materials and supplies to a garage or storage shed
  • Remove all toys, bicycles, pool items etc.


  • Replace old doormats with colorful fresh ones (refrain from personalized doorway mats)
  • Remove personalized door hanging
  • Open front and back doors. If either drags or squeaks, repair it or lubricate it
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs and clean lighting (lights on for night time showings
  • Remove cobwebs and clean windows


  • Repair and Replace missing or loose shingles
  • Apply fresh coat of paint to front door (repaint exterior of home if needed)
  • Check gutters and roof for dry rot and leaks (repair as needed)
  • Check all screened windows and repair screens as needed
  • Repair peeling paint and loose caulking on windows or other areas
  • Spray down visible cob webs and clean windows.
  • Replace as needed and clean exterior lighting
  • Repair, paint and clean any external structures


Ensure a Warm and Inviting Showing Inside

  • Shampoo dirty or soiled carpets
  • Thoroughly clean all rooms in the home removing clutter (Hiring a cleaning service is highly recommended)
  • Check ceilings for leaks or stains. Repair the cause of the leak or stain and paint.
  • Review all rooms, cleaning or repainting walls and ceilings so that each room looks fresh and updated. (Light, neutral colors recommended)
  • Lemon oil all woodwork, cabinets, window sills and doors.
  • Dust and clean all ceiling fans
  • Dust all mini-blinds and shutters
  • Rearrange or remove some furniture in crowded rooms to make each room appear larger
  • Clear all kitchen counters of most items and minimize decorations
  • Clear all kitchen appliances off the countertops
  • Remove stains from toilets, bathtubs and sinks. Shine all mirrors
  • Remove grooming products and soaps from counter tops and showers
  • Place fresh clean hanging and hand towels in each bathroom
  • Remove non slip decals from bathtubs
  • Remove and put away training potties, toys and baby baths
  • Cupboards will be opened. Be sure everything looks neat and organized
  • Buyers look for ample closet space. Store out of season clothing and organize your closets so that they look larger. Line up shoes and store items not needed regularly
  • Repair cracks or holes to windowpanes, plaster, walls, wallpaper and tile
  • Replace burned out light bulbs in all light fixtures
  • Repair any leaking or dripping faucets
  • Replace old caulking in bathtubs and showers
  • Clean out fireplace and place fresh logs inside
  • Clean, sweep and organize garage

Other Staging Suggestions

  • Place all valuables including guns in a safe or out of sight in a secured location
  • Remove family pictures and personalized items (so your potential buyers can imagine themselves living there)
  • Put pets, pet food dishes and litter boxes outside if possible or in a discreet location
  • Open blinds to the same position in each room for conformity and allowing natural light to enter
  • For night showings and in dark rooms leave lights on
  • Fresh flowers on kitchen and/or dining table is very inviting
  • Playing soft easy listening music during showings
  • Do not be present for showings. This allows your agent to get honest feedback